July 28, 2021

Unilateral decisions will harm the Peace Process

Unilateral decisions will harm the Peace Process

by: Jamal Ibrahim

29th of February 2020 was a historical day in the modern history of Afghanistan. The signing of Doha agreement between the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and United Stated of America in the presence of international community after tiresome negotiations was a huge milestone for the Islamic Emirate after military and political successes with the backing of Afghan nation. This wasn’t a decision taken by a group but it represented the will of a nation which bravely fought foreign invaders and compelled them to sign a peace deal so that they can withdraw from our beloved Afghanistan.

Everyone in international community, regional countries and immediate neighbors of Afghanistan lauded and supported the signing of the agreement, and also received the endorsement of United Nations and its security council. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan complied with all the clauses of the agreement but unfortunately the Americans failed to deliver from their side and are yet to be fulfilled. The non-fulfillment of the agreement has delayed the peace process and thus creating hurdles, which has also enabled spoilers to try sabotage the peace process. This happened because of unilateral decisions by Americans and their allies.

Unilateralism has never helped any conflict resolution and goes against international norms and political settlement. The main harm it causes is trust deficit. Trust is everything and is a bridge built by two sides. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is carrying the weight of an entire nation on its shoulders and every promise that it makes while representing Afghans is carries huge importance, thus the current unilateral decisions by Americans and their allies have harmed the trust and the peace process.

One of the most important clause of the Doha agreement is the withdrawal of all foreign forces from Afghanistan, be it the forces of Turkey or otherwise. The presence of foreign forces means violation of the sovereignty of Afghanistan and its territorial integrity be it in the name of maintaining bases or guarding an installation or institution. Safeguarding Afghanistan, it’s borders, infrastructure and security installations is the job of Afghans and is not in need of any foreign policing. The stance of the Islamic Emirate which is the stance of Afghan people has always been clear  — to live in peace and harmony with the international community, its neighbors and regional countries.

The recent unilateral decisions by Americans and Turkish government when it comes to security of Kabul airport is blatant violation of the sovereignty of Afghanistan. Afghanistan shares religious, cultural and historical ties with Turkey. This deal with Americans will surely create trust deficit resulting in harming of relations. Turkish government should respect the will of Afghans and deal directly with them instead accepting policing of Afghanistan in a deal with the Americans. Afghanistan wants relations with countries all over the world but based on mutual respect and norms of international diplomacy and practices. As the wise ones say that trust is the easiest thing in the world to loose and the hardiest to gain, therefore the Turks should understand that Afghans have a history of fighting foreign occupations and has earned the title of graveyard of empires.

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