June 22, 2021

32 killed, 12 hurt as enemy offensive repulsed

32 killed, 12 hurt as enemy offensive repulsed

TAKHAR, June 9 – At least 3 puppets were killed and 5 more were wounded in Farkhar district, Takhar province after Mujahideen counterattacked and repelled the enemy with heavy losses, whereas 2 puppets including an officer were killed and 6 more were wounded in an attack elsewhere.

According to another report, 2 Arbakis were killed and 1 was wounded in Khawaja Ghar district of the province and 2 Arbakis were wounded in Darqad district of the province.

In the province’s Bangi district, 25 enemy military personnel sustained fatalities in Mujahideen attacks, while Mujahideen seized arms and ammo from the enemy.
Four enemy commanders were among those killed in the operation.



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