June 22, 2021

How officials are costing troops morale and legitimacy..!?

How officials are costing troops morale and legitimacy..!?

In such circumstances where on the one hand, foreign forces are withdrawing and on the other, as a result of ordinary operations of Mujahideen, those associated with the Kabul administration are joining Mujahideen ranks in impressive numbers, paralyzed quisling officials are expressing views that embarrass but themselves.

After a long disappearance, the quisling Kabul government’s Defense Minister Asadullah Khalid once again reappeared. Recently, he addressed a group of Afghan forces, saying, keep your spirits up, the international community is still supporting us and will not leave us alone. It will also give us dollars and continue its air support even after evacuation.

Prior to this, another ridiculous leader of the Kabul administration and National Security Adviser, Hamdullah Mohib, told several government officials in Nangarhar that although the withdrawal of foreigners would reduce money and resources, you should keep your spirits up. We will fully prepare to fight the Taliban. If you are not able to support, then post in favor of the security forces on Facebook as it will boost the morale of the forces.

Top officials make such statements in an attempt to raise the morale of demoralized security forces, but in reality, they only further demoralize them. They are deliberately wasting the justification that since the foreign forces are withdrawing, jihad against them is not permissible. The Defense Minister told soldiers that even after the withdrawal of foreign forces, they will help us by providing dollars, weapons and carrying out airstrikes. Can puppets like Qasim Halimi still claim that jihad is not permissible? When airstrikes are carried out by foreign forces and weapons and dollars are provided by them, how can they claim that they are still pure Muslims and therefore the Taliban should not wage jihad against them?

The childlike officials of the Kabul administration are hopeless to the point of appealing to people for supportive Facebook posts in the case where they cannot support the government otherwise.

This is why top officials of the quisling government are suffering from confusion. They can see the near future that contains their downfall and destruction. This is why they are speaking in a manner that serves not as encouragement of their forces, but causes a further decline of morale. It also produces a questions over Qasim Halimi’s claims regarding the legitimacy of jihad.

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