June 23, 2021

Guardians of Afghanistan 

Guardians of Afghanistan 

by Jamal Ibrahim

Twenty years ago when everyone thought that Afghanistan can no longer be sovereign, the committed armed Mujahidin of the Islamic Emirate started their long struggle to re-established the Islamic system by resuming its armed struggle with a formation of force that was a fundamental requirement for Afghanistan’s present and future independence. Afghanistan’s national and Islamic identity required an armed uprising and commitment in the face of a systematic and comprehensive invasion that would support Afghanistan’s national and Islamic identity on one hand, and a civilized ethical moral behavior on the other. Such a force was needed which can compete physically and intellectually with all imported identities of the invaders. So for this noble cause, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan mobilized its talents and have sustained these efforts for the past nineteen years.

For years, the nation has witnessed the Islamic Emirate’s significant battlefield victories against the enemy and it was only possible with the help of Allah and support of the common people of Afghanistan. Initially, the Mujahidin were engaged in guerrilla warfare for many years, and the training, experience and mental state of all the fighters was only to be ready for swift and sharp attacks. But the current military transformation and advancement is for comprehensive defense of the country on all fronts.

Recently, Manba’ al-Jihad Media for Production of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Commission for Cultural Affairs Audio and Visual Sector released an epic new video “Jihad Training 5” in full HD and with high quality graphics. This video is the series of the recently released videos showcasing the high military capabilities of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and its continual natural growth and expansion rooted in the will, determination, dedication and support of the general population of Afghanistan.

These graduates and the others like them are forces which have dedicated their lives and have sacrificed themselves for the defense of Islam and their homeland. These men have safeguarded national interests and worked tirelessly for the welfare of the nation. The Islamic Emirate has protected the Islamic values ​​and national interests from the first day of its establishment and will continue to do so until the establishment of an Islamic system in our beloved homeland.

The leadership of the Islamic Emirate has always maintained that military is the backbone of the country’s internal order, security, stability and the guarantor of values, and these brave men graduating from the training centers such as Salahuddin Ayyubi Military Camp is a good example of the emerging Islamic army, sending a clear message to both friend and foe that Afghanistan will be protected from all threats. The enemy has concluded that today and tomorrow both belong to these brave men as they the true owners of Afghanistan because gaining control of large swaths of territory and governing it against the continuous onslaught in such a dignified and cohesive manner is proof of Divine Help with the Taliban, because it would be impossible to maintain such matters in times of war and crisis without God’s help and assistance. In hopes that Afghanistan will once again breath a sigh of relief from wars and unrests due to the unmatched courage and selfless sacrifices presented by these men of God.


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