May 13, 2021

Kabul admin even lacks international legitimacy

Kabul admin even lacks international legitimacy

The administration under the leadership of Ashraf Ghani is deemed by the people of Afghanistan a corrupt, incompetent, imposed and illegitimate entity that lacks all religious, constitutional and public legitimacy. Just as the legitimacy of this administration has foundational complications, its actions such as noncompliance with religious and Afghan values, rampant corruption, plunder of public treasury, oppression and commitment to foreign interests are also characteristics that has deprived it of all institutional legitimacy and credibility on a domestic level.

However, legitimacy challenges faced by the Kabul administration are not only limited to domestic level, rather this administration is also deemed a corrupt and authoritarian regime on world stage. For example, the Economist Intelligence Unit, a research and analysis division of an international news outlet The Economist, carried out a survey of 164 countries around the world in which the Kabul administration led by Ashraf Ghani was ranked among the most corrupt and authoritarian regimes worldwide. Democracy, a purported core value of this administration and a slogan championed by it in the negotiation process, has no meaning for it in practice. The elections conducted by Kabul administration are fraudulent, election commissions lackeys and corrupt, and this regime among the most incompetent internationally.

The Ashraf Ghani administration has been declared an illegitimate, corrupt and authoritarian regime at a time when the officials of Arg incessantly assert international support and legitimacy. They very shamelessly try to portray that only they are acceptable and credible in the eyes of the world and international community, and no one else besides them has either the right or capacity to rule Afghanistan.

But the Afghan people and all political parties must understand that claims by Ashraf Ghani that there is no viable alternative to him and this regime are unfounded. There, however, is no alternative to the Ashraf Ghani regime in corruption, subservience and incompetence because neither has Afghanistan has ever experienced such a foreign and corrupt rule nor has the world ever witnessed a precedent.

The secret behind the existence of the Kabul administration does not lie in legitimacy or public support, rather the military and economic backing provided by its foreign masters is the only thing that has kept it afloat so far. If this support by the invaders was to be taken away, its dissolution would be both organic and imminent.

Therefore, we can say that this corrupt and illegitimate regime that lacks all domestic and international legitimacy must be replaced with an Islamic government, concerning which the declaration of Islamic Emirate is on point and a reflection of the genuine desire of our nation because Afghanistan is in need of a honest and upright government that is acceptable and credible in the eyes of the Afghan people, that maintains good international repute and that restores the dignity and status of Afghanistan on the international stage.

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