January 23, 2021

Which side opposes peace?

Which side opposes peace?

On 15 November, the Islamic Emirate and opposing party agreed upon twenty-one articles relating to negotiation procedures. Following the agreement of both teams, a copy of the procedure was handed over to the facilitating host country, Qatar.

It was decided that both negotiating teams will release a joint or separate statements regarding the agreement, yet not only did the opposing party betray its promise but took to intensification of propaganda against the Islamic Emirate.

It was stated in the agreement between the Islamic Emirate and America that intra-Afghan talks shall begin on the 10th of March, 2020. Unaccustomed to breaking its agreements, the Islamic Emirate made full preparations to begin talks on that very date, however the quisling Ashraf Ghani, through various excuses, suspended them.

On 12 September, following the opening of intra-Afghan talks, the opposing party commenced its excuse-making once more. At times, they would say one thing, and other times something else, such that they have made an embarrassing display of their lack of unity upon any one standpoint and mission. Eventually, on 15th November, both negotiating teams agreed upon the negotiations procedure but, with much regret, the opposing party failed to stand by its word once more and began making anti-peace comments.

The Kabul quislings are attempting to pin the blame of delays and obstacles in the path of progress on the Islamic Emirate and absolving themselves of any responsibility. Some of their spokesmen wrongfully blamed the Islamic Emirate for erecting hurdles in the way of intra-Afghan talks, but even more unfortunate is that some media outlets that claim impartiality also published unsubstantiated and unfounded accusations against the Islamic Emirate.

The Islamic Emirate has selected a strong and highly capable team for intra-Afghan talks, a team determined for peace and negotiations. Secondly, the Islamic Emirate understands well that the opposing party does not possess full negotiation authority but it chose to negotiate with them regardless so that no hindrance be introduced for achieving peace and positive results.

Ghani and his team are selfishly placing obstacles in the way of intra-Afghan talks to save their hold of power. They are playing with the future of the oppressed Afghan people to preserve their shaky rule and these anti-peace steps are being witnessed by the general Afghan public and world. This administration is foolishly wasting an important opportunity of peace and negotiations for personal interests.

Therefore, the Kabul quislings must consider learning a lesson from history and refrain from insisting on war. They ought to have mercy on the oppressed Afghan people and give preference to national interests over personal interests. If not, the Afghan people will not forgive such treachery and will surely mete out justice upon the oppressors.

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