January 23, 2021

Invader crimes are indelible

Invader crimes are indelible

The officials of Australia, a member state involved in the occupation of Afghanistan, formally admitted to murder of innocent civilians, to conducting torture and other war crimes in Afghanistan. Australia is a nation that by comparison had far fewer forces participating in the Afghan occupation and operated in conjunction with Dutch forces in the province of Uruzgan. Therefore, one can confidently proclaim that the shocking exposé about brutality perpetrated by Australian forces is only a small sample size of the greater indelible evil and criminal activity – a tip in the mountain of crimes committed over the past nineteen years with its larger structure and true extent buried under a haze of political considerations and propaganda.

Even more shocking –  the supposed Independent Human Right Commission of Kabul had also kept a tight lid on the atrocities and only sprang into action for the first time with a statement issuance after Australia had already publicized its wrongdoings,. This unquestionably proves that these supposed humanitarians along with their international and local right champions are mere tools in the hands of their donors, that await their signals and that have not the courage to ever investigate nor condemn crimes unless approval trickles from the top.

All understand well that the western invasion of Afghanistan was the most unlawful, lopsided and brutal of this epoch. Tens of world countries coalesced in the invasion to kill, detain and ultimately suppress our people. They became a target for violence and barbarity from every direction as their villages and farmlands were razed and destroyed with bombings, night raids and bulldozers. The media adopted silence and also muffled the voices of people when extrajudicial murder along with torture and humiliation of prisoners was rife.

When a savage degenerate invader protected from all accountability, questioning, prosecution, punishment and even fear of crime receiving  coverage is presented with an unarmed and destitute human being, one can only imagine the extremes of depravity this savage would stoop to.

We believe that the war crimes committed by the invaders and their hirelings in Afghanistan over the course of nineteen years is a humanitarian issue that must not be disregarded. Our nation was betrayed once during the Soviet invasion as none of the criminals were prosecuted for the death of one and a half million people, and such a betrayed must not be allowed to repeat. One aspect of Afghan resolution is the implementation of justice. The oppressor and the treasonists must face punishment so that it may heal the hearts of the victims and serve as a lesson for criminals.

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