April 11, 2021

Details of visit by delegation of Islamic Emirate to Pakistan

Details of visit by delegation of Islamic Emirate to Pakistan

On Monday, a six-member delegation led by the Political Deputy and Chief of Political Office of the Islamic Emirate, H.E. Mullah Baradar Akhund, visited Pakistan on an official invitation by the country.

The delegation met with the Pakistani Foreign Minister, Pakistani Special Representative to Afghanistan and other senior officials on Tuesday in the capital city, Islamabad, where they discussed and exchanged views on a range of important issues.

The delegation of Islamic Emirate asked that the plight of Afghan refugees in Pakistan be addressed which the Pakistani side accepted and gave assurances of quick resolution.

The issue of legal documents and travel of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan, problems of demurrage on goods of Afghan traders at Karachi port along with creating necessary facilities and removing obstacles for Afghan export were also discussed.

Pakistan was requested to grant academic scholarships of Afghan students and provide them with necessary facilities. Moreover, the issue of release of Afghan prisoners in Pakistan was also held under discussion with Pakistani officials promising that all necessary steps for their release will be taken, those without families or held on petty crime charges will be freed while prison sentence of those held on serious charges will be reduced.

Talks were also held about establishing peace and security in Afghanistan and the region and intra-Afghan negotiation and peace in Afghanistan were considered vital for both countries and the region.

Similarly, both sides stressed upon the importance of building trust and good relations between the two countries.


Spokesman of Political Office of Islamic Emirate

Muhammad Sohail Shaheen

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