October 26, 2020

Intra-Afghan negotiations and Afghan aspirations

Intra-Afghan negotiations and Afghan aspirations

Effective steps are being taken towards ending the occupation and intra-Afghan negotiations in line with the agreement signed in Qatar and after months of delay, the phase of intra-Afghan negotiations is finally about to start.

If on the one hand their exists commentary, predictions and propaganda heavily promoted by foreign and malicious media outlets aimed at shaping public opinion towards a certain narrative then on the other, there is the true hopes, aspirations and demands of the Afghan people towards this process which must be taken seriously.

The Afghan nation was unjustly invaded nineteen years ago, their Islamic government, sovereignty, land and air space usurped and all their political, social, cultural and economic affairs controlled by others on top of facing a host of other losses and injustices.

The Afghan nation hopes that all the spiritual and material damage this nation endured during the past 19-year occupation and foreign rule — a period where most major decisions were made in foreign lands and imposed upon our people — will be rectified in these intra-Afghan negotiations.

As the foreign-funded media talks up gains (!) of the previous nineteen years on the verge of intra-Afghan negotiations, the Afghan nation would rather focus on the 19-year losses they suffered and which must be corrected. Our nation was deprived of Islamic governance over the course of occupation, their political freedom, national sovereignty and territorial integrity was lost, their Islamic culture, education and law along with their own social and cultural heritage were substituted with foreign values and great efforts were deliberately undertaken to change their ideological and cultural identity by replacing them with anti-Islamic and anti-Afghan structures.

It has now become the responsibility of all sides to deliberate upon how best to filter out the negative effects impacting the pure Islamic identity of our people and homeland. It is the demand of the Afghan nation from all involved sides to give priority to the values and principles of our people and emphasize upon their preservation, cultivation and promotion.

Some embassies of occupying nations seek to run a propaganda campaign in this extremely sensitive time under the title Protect the gains (!) to preserve what these same foreigners have spent treasure upon during the course of the 19-year occupation in order that they may continue after this dark period. But our astute nation must remain vigilant of enemy deceptions.

As the Islamic Emirate has always responded to the demands of its nation and never backed away from any sacrifice needed to protect their aspirations, it therefore sees a solution to the Afghan problem in honoring the pure hopes of our people and providing them an opportunity to live a life in a system that conforms to their faith, ideology and culture.

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