November 28, 2020

Education director pays visits to 9 districts in Badakhshan 

Education director pays visits to 9 districts in Badakhshan 

BADAKSHAN, Aug. 8 – As part of an educational delegation, the appointed education director in Badakhshan province made visits to 9 districts of the province.

As per reports, the delegation separately met the heads of the educational institutions, scholars, teachers, and tribal elders in each district, closely monitoring some educational institutions, while making assessment of administrative activities and teaching methodology.

During the meetings, education related code of practice, procedures, decrees and other administrative materials have been conveyed to the concerned authorities, while conducting short-term seminars to raise awareness.

The final meeting took place in Khulafa-e-Rashideen Madrasa in the center of Yamgan district of the province.

The civilians expressed their joy and gratitude over meetings and the attention of the educational authorities towards educating their children amid such difficult circumstances while pledging their unflinching support and assistance.

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