July 28, 2021

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the historic days of 7th and 8th Sawr

Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the historic days of 7th and 8th Sawr

On the 7th Sawr 1357 Hijri Solar, a few foreign agents and indoctrinated communists tried to hand over Afghanistan to the former Soviet Union and turn our compatriots away from their upright beliefs.

Our unarmed nation valiantly confronted them, suffered wounds, braved prisons and torture, endured displacement and adversity but finally drowned the malicious goals and ambitions of the Soviet Union and their supporters and even managed to rescued the entire planet from their corruption.

Today’s American occupation is the exact copy of the coup and subsequent Soviet invasion as the valiant and Mujahid Afghan nation under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate has waged Jihad for nineteen years, suffered wounds, martyrdom and imprisonment yet they have not abandon their homeland to the invaders by enduring great hardships in defense of their pure Islamic ideology and homeland and finally forcing America to relinquish its pursuit of malicious objectives in Afghanistan just like the Soviets.

Similarly, the 8th of Sawr 1371 is also a historical day for Afghanistan as Jihad against communism succeeded and victory was achieved due to the sacrifices presented by the Muslim Afghan nation.

The myriad of hardships and unparalleled sacrifices shouldered by the gallant Afghan nation in defense of their religion and homeland against the Soviet Union should not have been squandered as happened nor should their lofty aspirations have been sacrificed for tragic factional feuds and lust for power.

Today the Afghan Mujahid nation is again on the threshold of reclaiming their sovereignty and freedom due to the blessing of unprecedented sacrifices hence the consolidation of these aspirations needs great care, thought and resolute determination.

The agreement signed with America for the resolution of the Afghan issue is a great opportunity that must be implemented. The American side and the Kabul administration must refrain from creating hurdles for the implementation of this agreement and all involved sides must remain alert so that the noble aspirations of the Afghan nation are not squandered has happened after the 8th of Sawr.

The Islamic Emirate – just as it feels pride and congratulates its believing nation on attaining freedom from the Soviet Union and the success of Jihad in the path of establishing an Islamic system – also considers today’s Jihad that is on the threshold of success a proud moment for the noble Afghan nation and remains committed to securing the great and pure aspirations of all the disabled, widows, orphans and martyrs for all previous struggles in the path of sovereignty and Islamic governance.

The Islamic Emirate will not allow anyone to endanger or threaten the fruits of our current Jihad as happened following the victory of 8th Sawr.


Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

03/09/1441 Hijri Lunar

07/02/1399 Hijri Solar               26/04/2020 Gregorian

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