April 11, 2021

Reaction by spokesman of Islamic Emirate towards civilian casualty report by UNAMA

Reaction by spokesman of Islamic Emirate towards civilian casualty report by UNAMA

The UNAMA office in Kabul has once again published a completely discriminatory report about civilian casualties in Afghanistan last year.

The UNAMA report states that civilian casualty numbers last year were high – with the American invaders held responsible for a mere 8%, the Kabul administration for 16% and Daesh 12% while the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate were held responsible for majority (47%) of the losses.

If any free and intelligent Afghan were to look at the UNAMA report and the above casualty attribution, they could easily discern that UNAMA is running a campaign for American invaders and seeking to acquit them of repeated and continuous crimes against humanity. The principle cause of civilian casualties and human tragedy unfolding in Afghanistan is the American occupation that has for the past nineteen years annually rained thousands of tonnes of explosives on our homeland and killed countless people.

The number of bombings and raids against civilians by the American invaders last year reached unprecedented levels and according to the Pentagon itself, more than 7000 bombs were dropped on Afghanistan. If we were to assume that the maximum weight of each bomb was five kilograms, the total comes out to 35000 kgs of explosives indiscriminately used against defenseless Afghans, women, children and their properties.

Moreover, the savagery committed against ordinary Afghans in night raids and by CIA operated groups (Zero One, Zero Two, Zero Three, Zarbatti, Special Force of Kandahar etc) is not hidden from our nation and reports about them have also been frequently published by the media.

Despite such large-scale barbarity of the American invaders yet only attributing 8% civilian casualties to them signifies that the UNAMA report is written under the supervision of American officials and is an effort to throw dust in the eyes of Afghans.

The Afghans understand full well who the enemies of civilians, women and children were last year and over the past nineteen years; whom has occupied our airspace and targets our farmers, workers, vehicles, shop owners, clinics, schools, madrasas, mosques, villages and hamlets – killing everyone indiscriminately.

We just recently witnessed American bombings in Surkh Rod district of Nangarhar and Keshki Kohna district of Herat provinces where more than twenty civilians including women and children were martyred.

The Islamic Emirate strongly rejects this report and expresses disappointment in the partiality displayed under the name of UNAMA.

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The Islamic Emirate has a special commission setup for the collection and registration and prevention of civilian casualties and its reliable data shows that 83% of all civilian casualties last year were caused by the American and Kabul administration forces.


Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan

Zabihullah Mujahid

28/06/1441 Hijri Lunar

03/12/1398 Hijri Solar 22/02/2020 Gregorian

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