April 11, 2021

Senior members conduct 3-day seminar in Wardak

Senior members conduct 3-day seminar in Wardak

WARDAK, July – Al-Emarah News said Saturday a three-day long seminar conducted by the senior members of Dawat-wal-Irshad (commission of guidance and preaching) took place in Chaghto district of Wardak province.

A large number of the villagers, Ulama and Mujahideen took part in the seminars that held in 3 different parts of the district.

Moulana Mohammad Sharif and Maulavi Rahat Gul gave comprehensive talks on Jihad.

The definition of Jihad and its purpose, Fazail e Jihad (the benefits of Jihad), Hukum (law) and intention of Jihad, sincerity and several others topics were the discussed during the speeches.

The people and Mujahideen showed their joys and satisfaction over the 3-daylong seminar and stressed the importance of the programs and asked for the continuation of them.

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