April 11, 2021

16 killed in Logar province

16 killed in Logar province

 LOGAR, Apr. 2 – Chief of the General staff, Friadoon Fayyaz along with 4 of his guards were killed in a Mujahideen attack in Pol-i-Alam city, the capital of Logar province.

Similarly, 3 enemy personnel were killed in ambush attack in the provincial capital of Logar province, while a roadside bomb blast hit a police vehicle in Pol-e-Alam city, the capital of Logar province and killed 3 puppets.

Similarly, in an attack on a post an enemy soldier was killed and 1 was wounded in Azrah district of Logar province.

In Logar province’s Baraki Barak district, 4 enemy soldiers were killed when Mujahideen fighters targeted a check post, whereas 1 enemy soldier was killed in a sniper attack in the mentioned district.

In another report, Mujahideen fighters killed an enemy soldier and left another one wounded in Mohamad Agha district of the province.

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