April 11, 2021

How can intra-Afghan negotiations succeed?

How can intra-Afghan negotiations succeed?

Intra-Afghan negotiations aimed at finding a solution to the Afghan issue have been ongoing for the past few months, and a key 2-day summit that took place a few days earlier in the Russian capital, Moscow, was also for this exact purpose. Similar to remarks and statements of the past, all foreign and internal sides attending the meeting called for an expedited negotiations process towards finding a real resolution, however the question that bears asking is how can this process succeed and the ambition of peace transformed into reality??

We must stress that the most fundamental point for settlement is commitment to the agreement that was signed between opposing parties a little over a year ago in Doha and supported and endorsed by prominent world powers including the United Nations. This agreement is vital because it serves as a framework and guiding principle towards a resolution and defines the responsibilities of each party — the implementation of which shall gradually lead this process to a final and true settlement.

Moreover, the foreign element of the Afghan issue is almost resolved in the Doha agreement, while the second internal part that still remains is called the intra-Afghan negotiation process. As this is an internal issue among Afghans and only Afghans may discuss and talk over a resolution, therefore all foreign elements must refrain from interfering in these negotiations because experience has shown that foreign interventions, pressure and picking sides to the benefit and detriment of a particular party can not only cast doubt over the entire process but can also create obstacles and push it towards failure.

Our advice to the opposition is also that they free themselves from the influence of foreigners, to enter the negotiation process with own initiative, keep in view the interests of their own people and country, give precedence to the religious and spiritual values of own nation over the standards of foreigners, and to resolve all issues in the light of these lofty values. Stop stressing upon the prescriptions and orders of foreigners because foreign prescriptions have proven ineffective in this country as such will never be accepted by this people whom remain satisfied with their own spiritual values.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan that believes in peaceful solution to problems is exerting all efforts for the success of the ongoing negotiation process and finding a true resolution. In this regard, it has fulfilled all its responsibilities outlined in the Doha agreement, has honored its commitments and through it, has proven its commitment to the most important yearning (peace) of the Afghan nation.

We hope that the other parties, be they foreign or internal, also remain committed to the Doha agreement so that the process of intra-Afghan negotiations may arrive at a successful destination through following this roadmap.

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