April 11, 2021

9 killed in Wardak province 

9 killed in Wardak province 

WARDAK, Feb. 25 – An enemy soldier was killed following an attack on post in Syed Abad district of Wardak province, while 2 enemy soldiers were killed and 3 more got hurt following Mujahideen attack on a post and the center of Jalriz district of the province.

Furthermore, 2 puppets were killed and 1 was wounded with a post and a tank destroyed in the provincial capital of Wardak province, whereas an enemy soldier was shot dead in Nirkh district of the province and another one was killed in a bomb attack in Band-i-Chak district of the province.

Similarly, 2 enemy personnel lost their lives as Mujahideen targeted the administrative district building of Jaghato in Wardak.

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