April 13, 2021

Scott Miller in the role of Defense Minister

Scott Miller in the role of Defense Minister

Yesterday a ceremony was held at the headquarters of 209 Shaheen Corps to replace the existing commander of the corps with a new one. In sovereign nations, these ceremonies are generally performed by the Defense Minister, Chief of Army Staff or another senior military and security official like the head of the National Security Council, however, the highest-ranking military member attending the ceremony in Mazar-e-Sharif was the head of American forces, General Scott Miller.

Execution of such an important task in Afghanistan by General Scott Miller puts on full display the groundless propaganda of the Kabul regime and its claims of sovereignty and freedom from American influence, and later the use of these same false arguments to disprove the legitimacy of Jihad and national struggle against occupation.

Whenever the lead occupying general performs the role of a defense minister by dismissing or appointing senior military officials, it showcases that just as the Ashraf Ghani administration in inextricably dependent on foreign actors for supply and financing, the critical security and military decisions are similarly under the control of the occupiers, whom in turn act as they deem fit.

Another important point is that America along with some other external and internal parties incessantly criticize the Islamic Emirate for failing to reduce violence following the signing of the Doha agreement even though the Islamic Emirate has not committed itself to any such undertaking in the agreement. But, America that has committed itself to ending the occupation by decreasing troop levels and ceasing interventionist activities like operations, bombardments and unwarranted actions akin to Scott Miller’s, are still as active in this field as the past, and such actions can be taken as contempt for the independence and territorial integrity of our proud homeland.

The Islamic Emirate again declares that the greatest cause of Afghan problems is foreign occupation. Both the invaders and their supporters have a duty in this regard and both must discharge their responsibilities in ending the occupation.

The Islamic Emirate urges its compatriots and peace-loving nation to study the current situation and realities over falling victim to propaganda. Look at the reality of the Kabul administration over its misleading claims of sovereignty. Whenever a lead occupier general performs the duties of dismissal and appointment of senior military officials on a corps level, understand that the situation has not evolved, rather it is the same occupiers and the same occupation. All civilian and military decisions rest with the invaders and even the leaders of Kabul proudly proclaim that they are fighting as the first line of defense for American security.

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