June 22, 2021

Depraved barbarism and deafening media silence

Depraved barbarism and deafening media silence

The past few days have seen a number of videos making rounds in social media networks showing Kabul administration forces brutally riddling with bullets and martyring detained Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate. One video shows a Mujahid detained in a wounded state and subsequently martyred in a ruthless fashion, while another shows a Mujahid soaked in blood used as target practice by the inhumane hirelings. These savage and ruthless video documents of the stooges are so shockingly cruel that they were repeatedly pulled down by social media networks.

But despite undisputable authenticity of the footage, prominent national and international media outlets have once again displayed their intrinsically duplicitous nature by neither reporting nor making any reference to these vicious actions.

This deft silence comes as these exact same outlets have taken to writing lengthy defamatory reports against the Islamic Emirate on a daily basis, based purely either on complete fabrications or forgery of the Kabul intelligence. An image of a destroyed road from who knows where or when is being predominately featured by these outlets nowadays, with some headlines alleging destruction of a road by Taliban in Uruzgan and others, road destruction by Taliban in Ghazni. Some claiming the road to be stretching six hundred meters and others six hundred kilometers! blatant contradictions that attest to the inaccuracy and inauthenticity of the “evidence”.

Yet when completely genuine and irrefutable evidence of savagery and depravity of the invaders and their stooges is presented, then these same outlets adopt hypocritical silence. Such moments neither warrant calls for human rights and civility, nor does it beckon their conscious to perform their ethical and moral duty.

It is not only the media, but groups and organizations claiming human rights have also failed in accentuating these incriminating proofs of unspeakable horror. This situation summarizes exceptionally well for our fellow compatriots and the world at large if, there in actual fact, even exists such a thing as free and fair media, and those outlets that do cry independence merely work to advance the agendas of those that pay their salaries or have structural affiliation.

Herewith we can confidently say that reports, analysis and judgments passed by the media can never be considered as the benchmark or standard for factual reporting. That the media has unremittingly pursued a defamation campaign against the Islamic Emirate, sometimes calling it anti-peace and at others, introducing it as the enemy of development, progress and national interests, then all such is unfailingly a lie —  an integral component of enemy propaganda and psychological war.

Our fellow countrymen must not judge the actions, policies and anything else related to the Islamic Emirate from the narrow prism of media as it is both misleading and duplicitous, and its duty has transformed from one depicting truth to one distorting and misinterpreting events for a specific cause. Hence, if you wish not to be fooled and deceived, do not trust the media prior to research.

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