June 25, 2021

Afghan plight and responsibility of Islamic scholars

Afghan plight and responsibility of Islamic scholars

Akin to the voices opined two years earlier by a number of scholars from various parts of the world as part of ‘religious pressure’ theory of General Nicolson in which they demanded the Islamic Emirate end its obligatory Jihad against the American invasion, another phase of the same program has been launched with some scholars inside and outside Afghanistan – without studying and understanding the backdrop of the Afghan predicament – insisting the Islamic Emirate show one-sided debasement.

If scholars inside the country are recruited by the present administration and coerced to pass such judgments through force and monetary incentives, then those few scholars outside the country are unfortunately lacking even the most basic knowledge of Afghanistan, and what ever little they have learnt about the Afghan case is from global western media. They neither have knowledge about the history or religious inclinations of Afghanistan, nor are they aware of the intricacies of the forty-year conflict raging in this land between truth and falsehood.

They do not understand that foreign occupation is only one part of the equation, whereas domestically the form of governance along with political structure, culture, education, administrative and other issues are aspects where differences have persisted for forty years. The Afghan nation which wholeheartedly believes in Islam has a very simple request – the underpinning of all governance and politics must conform to Islam. This was the aspiration of our martyrs against the Soviets and this is the objective of our current Jihad that shall not be abdicated under any circumstance.

Hence, all noble scholars inside and outside our homeland interested in the plight of Afghans must foremost hear the Jihadic call and demand of our nation. They must transcend satisfying a few lackey officials and media channels and give precedence to the glory of Islam and the pure hopes and aspirations of our believing nation, and use such as a scale of judgment for Afghanistan.

Passing blind judgments and issuing staged fatwas about critical topics such as Afghanistan is not only a great disservice to Islam and the Islamic Ummah but is also ultimate disloyalty towards the Mujahid and Islam-loving people of Afghanistan. Our believing nation has given unmatched sacrifices for an Islamic system and it is their due right to secure this reward.

We believe the responsibility of all noble scholars of the world is to direct their energies towards raising the word of Allah, enforcement of Shariah and establishment of Islamic governance and to use their tongue, pen, academic skills and social stature towards this end. It is the duty of religious scholars to work for the advancement and success of Islam, and not that they side with falsehood in the battle between truth and falsehood or inhibit the success of Islamic struggles.

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