October 31, 2020

Natural disaster and need for compassion

Natural disaster and need for compassion

Continuous rains in various provinces of the country over the past few days have caused dangerous flash floods and heavy human and material losses. The floods have occurred in 13 provinces but most damage has been caused in Parwan, Kabul, Paktia, Panjshir, Maidan Wardak, Kapisa and Nangarhar.

Latest figures show that hundreds of people have lost their lives in the flash floods with countless homes, shops, farms and other property either completely destroyed or heavily damaged. These floods have occurred as the global coronavirus pandemic had already taken a heavy toll on the people on top of the rising famine and poverty caused by the occupation and actions of plundering officials.

The lackluster response of by Kabul administration to the floods is restricted to the sphere of propaganda and photo op. The immoral officials who have always worked for their personal interests in the time of public need and stolen from humanitarian funds can also not be relied upon in this time of crisis.

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan – in addition to showing sympathy and compassion – calls upon its Mujahideen to do their utmost in helping the victims of this disaster and to comprehensively cooperate in providing them with basic necessities, medical aid, shelter and other assistance.

Locally, it also becomes the responsibility of the public to extend help to their fellow countrymen and assist them with their lives and wealth due to Islamic brotherhood and human compassion. The public must not simply wait for the assistance and aid of humanitarian organizations but dive into action themselves because just as they feel the pain and tragedy better than anyone else, in the same way, they can also best assist their disaster-stricken brother better than anyone else. And just as aiding and assisting disaster-stricken people is considered a greatly rewarding religious deed, it also plays an important role in strengthening the bonds of unity, brotherhood and solidarity among people and blesses society with the strength of combating disasters.

The Islamic Emirate also calls upon humanitarian organizations and relief groups to pay attention and give aid to the victims of natural disasters in our country on the same level as the large-scale relief campaigns and activities they conduct for people affected by the same in other parts of the world.

Aid organizations must prioritize practical actions over publication of mere statistics and media display because the wounds of victims can only be healed with practical assistance. The Islamic Emirate is prepared to fully cooperate with humanitarian and relief groups in this regard and will spare no effort in providing assistance to those affected by the disaster.

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